New Broker Pre-License
This pre-license package includes the Washington State Real Estate Fundamentals course and Real Estate Practices courses, both 100% online. 90 Clock Hours Total plus 100's of review questions. (Please see Package Details below)
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New Broker Pre-License Package also has 700+ supplemental Exam Prep questions:

1.  AMP National Cram Exam - 5 exams with 500+ questions specifically for the 105 National Content section exam on the state examination.

2.  Math Cram Course - Real Estate Math - 75+ questions.

3.  WA AMP Pre-License Mock Exams - 3 exams with 125 questions specifically for the 35 questions on the Washington State Content section of the state examination.

4.  Daily direct phone access to live instructor.

Items 1 through 4 below are specifically for the licensing examination, which consists of 105 questions in the National Content section and the 35 questions in the Washington State Content section. 

Real Estate Fundamentals Outline
1.Nature of Real Property
2.Property Ownership Rights
4.Ownership of Real Property
5.Encumbrances & Interest in Real Property
6.Encumbrances & Easements
7.Government Encumbrances & Control
9.Passing On Real Property
10.Conveying Property
12.Legal Descriptions
13.Survey Systems
14.Lot & Block & Federal Lead Paint
15.Property Mathematics
16.State & Federal Law
17.Landlord/Tenant Acts
18.Agency Representation & Disclosure Laws
19.Real Estate Finance
20.Lending Institutions
21.Types of Loans
22.Market Economics
23.Federal Acts
24.Financing Real Estate Purchases
25.Interest Mathematics
26.Loan Performance & Foreclosures
27.Mortgage Characteristics
28.Formation of a Loan Trust Deeds
29.Land Sale Contracts
30.Property Appraisal
31.Appraisal Methods
32.Comparison Appraisal Method
33.Real Estate Rental Investing
34.Real Estate Investments
35.Washington State Jurisdiction
36.Real Estate Securities
37.Real Estate Agency Law
38.Property Management
40.Listing Agreements
41.Purchase & Sale Agreements
42.Closing a Purchase & Sale
43.Closing Statement
44.Recording Title
45.Department of Licensing
46.State Regulations (WA)
47.Washington Agency Law
48.Running a Brokerage Part 1
49.Running a Brokerage Part 2
50.Statutes, Regulations, & Ethical Standards
51.Duties of Licensee
52.Duties of Designated Broker
53.Review of Finance
54.Review of Financing a Purchase and Loan Types
55.Review of Federal Regulations
56.Review of Responsibilites

Real Estate Practices Outline
1.Starting a New Profession - Part 1
2.Starting a New Profession - Part 2
3.Agency Relationships - State RCW 18.86 Part 1
4.Agency Relationships - State RCW 18.86 Part 2
5.Practical Application of RCW 18.86
6.Listing Property
7.Working with Sellers
8.Marketing Client Property
9.Negotiation and Sales Techniques
10.Working with a P&S Agreement Part 1
11.Working with a P&S Agreement Part 2
12.Residential Financing
13.Escrow And Recording
14.Basics of Real Estate Math
15.Basic Math Calculations
16.Property Mathematics
17.State Regulations

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