Supplemental Package 12 Hours

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This package contains 4 three hour courses used to renew your license, totaling 12 credits. 

Site Design and Planning Outline:
  •Site Selection
  •How to Assess Future Site Needs
  •Information Technology
  •Purchased Software vs In-House Software
  •Business Planning
  •Methods of Business Operation

Risk Management Outline:
  •Sellers Disclosure
  •Environmental Issues
  •Where to Get Help If You Need It
  •Handling Money and Earnest Money

Effective Contracts Outline:
  •Elements of a Valid Contract
  •Amendments and Modifications
  •Completion, Rescission, Termination and Discharge of a Contract
  •Fair Housing Laws
  •Residential Lease Contracts

Common Mistakes Made By Rookies Outline:
  •Introduction to Contracts
  •Purchase and Sale Agreement (PSA)
  •Home Warranty Agreements
  •Resources That Are Available to You
  •Setting the Stage
  •Environmental Issues
  •Fair Housing

Courses included in this package