Supplemental Package 21 Hours

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This package contains 4 three hour courses used to renew your license, totaling 12 credits. 

Site Design and Planning Outline:
  •Site Selection
  •How to Assess Future Site Needs
  •Information Technology
  •Purchased Software vs In-House Software
  •Business Planning
  •Methods of Business Operation

Risk Management Outline:
  •Sellers Disclosure
  •Environmental Issues
  •Where to Get Help If You Need It
  •Handling Money and Earnest Money

Effective Contracts Outline:
  •Elements of a Valid Contract
  •Amendments and Modifications
  •Completion, Rescission, Termination and Discharge of a Contract
  •Fair Housing Laws
  •Residential Lease Contracts

Common Mistakes Made By Rookies Outline:
  •Introduction to Contracts
  •Purchase and Sale Agreement (PSA)
  •Home Warranty Agreements
  •Resources That Are Available to You
  •Setting the Stage
  •Environmental Issues
  •Fair Housing

Current Issues in Washington Residential Real Estate 2024-2025 Outline:
    • Form Reviews and Updates
    • Legislative Updates
    • Business Practices and Professional Standards

Washington Real Estate Fair Housing 6 Hr Outline:

    • Historical and Societal Context
    • Legal Framework
    • The Role of the Broker and Managing Broker   

Courses included in this package